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Meet our new Executive Director!

We have major news to share with you today: we’ve hired a new Executive Director to take the reins when Founding Director Jaclyn Friedman steps down at the end of the year. And she’s FANTASTIC. Starting in January, Jamia Wilson …


WAM! Entertainment Guide — Holiday Edition!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! — kind of. For the justice-minded among us, the holidays can be a total nightmare, and not just because it’s so friggin’ dark all the time. So this month, we asked WAM!mers …


WAM!mers on Rolling Stone and UVA

Earlier this month, WAM!mer Irin Carmon reported that Rolling Stone was backing away from their widely-discussed story on rape culture at the University of Virginia centered around one student under the pseudonym “Jackie,” and her account of her rape at …


Harassment of women on Twitter? We’re ON IT.

UPDATE 11/26/14: We’ve come to the end of the reporting phase of our Twitter project. We’ve received almost 700 reports in 3 weeks, which has given us plenty of data to analyze, and we’ve managed to help over 100 people …

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