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June 2015 WAM! Entertainment Guide

It’s blockbuster season, the time when corporate media unleashes some of their biggest projects. This summertime programming often translates into marathons of mindless misogynist media, but this year we found a few big-budget projects that put women front and center. …


We WAM!med at TEDWomen!

WAM! was everywhere at TED Women in Monterey, California last week. Our Executive Director Jamia Wilson hosted a session entitled “Seduce,” where she chatted with speakers from an array of disciplines — from acclaimed banjo players Bela Fleck and Abigail …


May 2015 WAM! Entertainment Guide

The beginning of summer is such a tangible feeling isn’t it? Your bones are finally thawed out and dry from the damp damp spring. The sun on your shoulders feels better than any spa treatment. And after that horrid winter …


April 2015 WAM! Entertainment Guide

Aw yeah, this is the good stuff! Every spring, as the ground thaws and everything comes back to life, so too does the media industry — now that we’re all out of our winter comas we need stuff to do …

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