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See ANITA, See More Women In Film

The feature film ANITA by Academy Award® winning filmmaker Freida Mock is hitting theaters across the country starting March 21, and WAM! needs you to join us. AGAINST A BACKDROP OF SEX, POLITICS AND RACE, ANITA HILL STOOD BEFORE A NATION AND DARED …

Happy Belated Birthday Audre Lorde and Toni Morrison

We missed Audre Lorde and Toni Morrison’s joint birthday on February 18, but it is never too late to share some of their great lessons and legacies. Here’s some highlights from Tuesday’s celebrations: The Lorde Works in Mysterious and Magical …


Thank you, Emily Douglas

Emily Douglas, senior editor and a blogger at, co-founded WAM!NYC with Jean Stevens back in 2009. As she got ready to step down from the chapter’s leadership, we talked to her about the amazing work she has done to …


Come WAM! with us!

Let me paint you a word picture of the atmosphere here at WAM! People are buzzing, plans are hatching, giant metaphorical cogs are turning. It feels sort of like the lead up to your birthday if all your presents were …

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