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WAM! Vancouver Workshop on Media Reporting of Sexual Assaults

Date: April 26, 2014
Start Time: 11:00
Location: UBC Student Union Building, AMS Council Chambers

Join WAM! Vancouver for a workshop to improve media reporting of sexual assaults. This is part of a feedback process on a toolkit for Canadian reporters put together by the Toronto feminist collective Femifesto. In this ...
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Behind the Scenes at a Vancouver Film Festival: Why Promoting Media Created by Women Matters

By WAM! Vancouver member Emily Yakashiro At the age of sixteen I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to anti-violence work, specifically focusing on violence against women. By 22, my dream had come true, and I had three years of experience working at a university sexual assault support centre. I was strangely dissatisfied though. I came to realize that I was not where I wanted
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4 Books By Canadian Women We Want to See Turned into Movies (and the Women who should Direct them)

This is the first post by WAM!Van’s new house blogger Emily Yakashiro, a Vancouver activist and editor of the blog,  The Closet Feminist. Stay tuned for more original media analysis from Canadian WAM!