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Rise Up & Resist

Ten days ago we WAM!med at the Women’s March. That was just the beginning. It is more important than ever that we rise up and resist attacks on our values and freedom. Donald Trump has been President for less than …

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We Made Strides this Year, Thanks To You

2016 was a hard year, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Women achieved some historic triumphs this year: Hillary Clinton built on Shirley Chisholm’s legacy to become the first woman major party presidential candidate; the United States quadrupled the …

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We have to agree with Glenn Beck: this is TERRIFYING

On Sunday, President-Elect Donald Trump made his first official appointment, naming former Breitbart head honcho Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist. We know first-hand how dangerous Steve Bannon can be. Last year, Breitbart triggered an onslaught of harassment against WAM! …

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This year’s election exposed us to deep racism, sexism, and power imbalances that are still in place in this country. The current media climate, and the prevalence of online harassment surfaced, heightened, and normalized existing tensions, hatred, and barriers to …

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