Best Baby Formulas on the Market 2019

So many different formulas on the market can confuse mothers. They all have the same purpose, but they also come with various features, so it’s really hard to decide on the right product.

We know moms want the best for their children, and we’ll help them find exactly that. What follows is a guide to best baby formulas on the market with all the necessary information in order to make the right choice.

Types of baby formulas

There are three different types of formula moms can find on the shelves.


This type of milk is very easy to use since it’s already prepared and just needs to be taken out of the box. It’s great for mothers who want to avoid adding water to their baby’s food. In addition, there is a chance that the infant is already acquainted with it because most hospitals use this kind of milk.

The downside of the ready-to-use formula is its short shelf life. It’s good for only two days after it’s opened.

Liquid concentrate

The liquid concentrate formula has to be mixed with water before being given to the kid.


This environment-friendly milk is more complicated to prepare, so it’s important to follow the instructions that come with it.

Different milk in formulas

Another important factor in choosing the right formula is the type of milk it contains. The most popular is cow’s milk. Brands change the protein a bit in order to make it easier for newborns to digest.

On the other hand, babies who have difficulty with digesting cow’s milk should use a product that is based on soy. In addition, lactose intolerant babies will be best off with lactose-free products that contain corn syrup instead.

Doctors recommend hydrolyzed formulas for newborns with digestion problems or allergies. In order to recover the metabolism of sick babies, moms should feed them a metabolic formula.

Best baby formulas on the market

Now that we’ve provided moms with all the necessary information about formulas, it’s time to pick one from the list of best formulas out there.

Enfamil Premium

This product is considered to be the closest to breast milk. Furthermore, its ingredients will strengthen babies’ natural defenses and help with brain development.

EleCare For Infants

EleCare milk encourages absorption and eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction. So, this product is great for infants who are sensitive to hydrolyzed protein.

Similac NeoSure

We recommend this formula for prematurely born babies. It has everything a child would need for undisturbed development. What’s more, this product contains vitamins that will encourage growth.

Enfamil Reguline

Enfamil formula is the perfect product for kids with digestive problems. It’s gentle to the baby’s system and contains ingredients that help with softening the stool.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder

This product is good for children that digest food harder. It contains all the necessary nutrients for baby’s development while being easy to absorb.

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

This formula will provide infants with necessary nutrients. In addition, it’s natural and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

Danone Aptamil

Danone Aptamil is another great product. It ensures normal development of the brain and the immune system.

Enfagrow Toddler Next Step

Enfagrow milk is made for older kids. The ingredients in this product encourage growth, strong bones and teeth, which is very important for toddlers.

Honorable mentions:

  • Nestle
  • Baby’s Only
  • Enfamil
  • Vermont Organics
  • Nutramigen
  • PurAmino
  • Go and Grow
  • Parent’s Choice

We hope this guide helped mothers decide on the best formula for their child. They can’t go wrong with any of the mentioned products.

But, it’s important that we mention that it’s best to avoid switching products because that can cause health problems. So, moms should choose the right formula and stick to it for their babies’ sake.

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