CBD Oil for Kids

Alternative medical treatments, such as CBD oil, are the last (or sometimes first) resort of many parents. CBD oil contains cannabidiol that can help alleviate the symptoms of many conditions — ADHD, seizures, various sleep disorders, etc.

CBD oil contains high doses of cannabidiol and little to no traces of THC, which makes it ideal as a non-addictive treatment. That’s why many researchers have been looking into the effects of CBD oil on children. Epilepsy is a condition that’s been particularly researched, and many parents who have treated their kids with CBD oil report positive effects in regard to conditions such as anxiety, sleep disorders, and even autism.

While parents tell many stories of success, it’s important to note that nothing is without side effects, not even the plant-based, natural CBD oil. Another point of concern should be the fact that most CBD products aren’t regulated.

CBD Oil for Kids with Seizures

When it comes to treating epilepsy with CBD, three double-blind, placebo-controlled studies that were conducted on humans showed promising results. Thanks to them, Epidiolex is now a prescription medication, the only CBD product to be approved as an official drug.

However, while Epidiolex works for most people with Dravet or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, it’s not as effective for all forms of epilepsy. What’s more, this drug is very different from CBD products available on the market as over-the-counter treatment.

CBD products can do a lot to minimize seizures and convulsions. Therefore, it’s only natural to be curious about them. When we have a sick child, we’ll do anything to help them. However, do consult a doctor before introducing any type of new treatment.

CBD Oil for Kids with Autism

The potential effects of CBD on autism are still being researched. However, many people report that some symptoms related to more severe cases of autism can be treated with CBD. Hyperactivity, aggressive, repetitive, and idiosyncratic behavior, as well as tendencies to self-harm, can be eased with CBD products.

While there isn’t a cure for autism, there are several different treatments that can help with the symptoms. Still, most of them have severe side effects. That’s why many parents resort to CBD. It’s natural, plant-based, and the side effects are much more manageable.

Given that epilepsy and autism share some common traits and genes, it’s not surprising that CBD oil would work just as well for autistic symptoms as it does for epileptic ones.

CBD Oil for Kids with ADHD

CBD oil isn’t as effective for ADHD as the existing drug treatment is. ADHD has been researched for many years now, and there are various drugs currently in use. Thus, CBD oil can’t replace them.

However, it can ease some of the symptoms that follow ADHD, such as anxiety. In fact, CBD can treat anxiety much better than it can treat the main symptoms of ADHD — focus and erratic impulses.

CBD Oil and Pain

Some parents have discovered the benefits of CBD for painful conditions such as migraines. Overall, CBD oil should be effective for treating not only migraine pain but also various other types of pain and inflammation as well. It uses the endocannabinoid system to interact with receptors in our bodies. These receptors send messages to our brain to alert it of the discomfort. By interacting with them, CBD can block, diminish, or soothe the pain.

Risks and Concerns

Our number one concern should always be to speak to a doctor before we give any type of CBD product to our kids. That way, we’ll have professional help when it comes to monitoring both positive and negative effects of CBD.

Potential side effects include:

  • diarrhea
  • lethargy
  • decreased appetite
  • liver function abnormalities

Keep in mind that long-term effects and side effects are still unknown to us. Therefore, we should introduce CBD treatment to our child carefully and slowly. We need to start with small doses and monitor the progress our child makes.

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