Tell Clear Channel that Women’s Health Care isn’t “Indecent.”

Date: July 23, 2013
End Date: August 22, 2013
End Time: 12:00 am

UPDATE 8/28: It worked! Thanks to your hard work, Clear Channel has reversed their ban and agreed to run South Wind’s ads! Read our statement here, then celebrate!

UPDATE 8/8: Thanks to your dogged activism, Clear Channel met with South Wind Women’s Center yesterday. Read how it went, and what’s next.

Recently, South Wind Women’s Center — the clinic founded in the wake of the murder of Dr. Tiller to reestablish access to full-spectrum reproductive healthcare, including abortion care, in Wichita, KS  — tried to run ads for their services on several Clear Channel radio stations. But Clear Channel has booted them off the air for violating  “decency standards,”  even though the same Clear Channel stations happily run ads for the local “adult boutique” and “male enhancement” products.

You can listen to SWWC’s radio ads here and here. And read our full press release on the issue here.

Women’s health care is never indecent, and everyone has the right to know where they can get medical care. The Clear Channel ban sets a terrible precedent in which private corporations can restrict women’s access to possibly life-saving information, just to please a small minority of vocal extremists. If we let this stand in Wichita, what city will be next? 

UPDATE 7/31: The pressure is mounting. Let’s double down with two actions:

1) Reach out to the three Wichita stations that won’t run the ads directly, and tell them that the people of Kansas don’t think women’s health care is indecent. (Use the quotes from Kansans at this link!):

Tweet each of the three Wichita stations refusing to run the ads:

102.1 The Bull |  Channel 96.3 |  B98 Wichita

Post on their Facebook pages:

2) Call Clear Channel Wichita Operations Manager Tony Matteo, and let him know women’s health care isn’t divisive:

  • Tony Matteo, (316) 494-6600

Here’s a sample of what you might say:

“Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I’m calling because I can’t believe Clear Channel thinks South Wind Women’s Center’s ads are indecent or divisive. Women deserve to know about access to safe, legal health care in their community. Will you stop blocking these ads?”

UPDATE 7/26: Wichita’s Clear Channel General Manager Rob Burton gave this statement to a reporter yesterday:

 As members of the Wichita community, KZSN has a responsibility to use our best judgment to ensure that advertising topics and content are as non-divisive as possible for our local audience.

Call (316-494-6600) and email him today to ask him why advertising a sex shop in a conservative Christian town is less divisive than refusing to let women find out where they can get health care, including cancer screenings and maternity care. Tell him that NOT running the ads is far more divisive than running them.



Tell Clear Channel that you’ll #changethechannel unless they start running South Wind’s ads.  It’s as easy as:

1) Sign SWWC’s petition to Clear Channel calling on them to run the ads and stop blocking women’s access to health care information.

2) Contact Clear Channel to tell them you’ll #changethechannel unless they agree to run SWWC’s ads.

Pick your favorite communication method!

  •  them.

Click the Tweet button above or just cut and paste these sample tweets:

    • Women’s health care is never indecent, @clearchannel. Run South Wind Women’s Center’s ads or I’ll #changethechannel.
    • Sex shops “decent,” but not health care, @clearchannel? Run South Wind Women’s Center’s ads or I’ll #changethechannel
    • Everyone has a right to know how to get health care, @clearchannel. Run SWWC’s ads or I’ll #changethechannel
  • Leave them a message on Facebook.
  • Email them.
  • Call Wichita General Manager, Rob Burton at 316-494-66o0 and Wendy Goldberg, Clear Channel’s Senior Vice President for Communications at 212-549-0965. Tell them:
    1. Women deserve to know about and have access to legal, safe health care.
    2. Refusing to run these ads is what’s truly “divisive.”
    3. Clear Channel is restricting free enterprise, and hurting women by restricting their access to health care.
    4. Clear Channel is letting a tiny minority of anti-choice extremists dictate what women will and will not have access to.
    5. You’ll #changethechannel unless Clear Channel lets South Wind Women’s Center’s ads run.

3) Ask your friends to do the same!

  •  them.
  • Share our campaign graphic on your social networks: