Examples of Gender-Based Hate Speech on Facebook


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All of these are examples, from Facebook, of speech and images encouraging and/or making light of violence against women. Both the images and the language are extremely graphic and disturbing. We believe it’s important to make them available in order to illustrate the extent and impact of Facebook’s inaction on gender-based hate speech, but please choose to view them or not at your own discretion.

Many of these images passed Facebook moderation — that is, they were reported as violating Facebook standards, and Facebook declined to take them down. Some of them came down later when media stories highlighted specific pages. Some of them are still live on Facebook.

A note on redactions: we’ve redacted parts of images to protect the identities of women whose images have been used against their will. None of these images are/were redacted on Facebook.

UPDATE: Facebook is claiming that because they took down all the images in our original sample set, there is no more problem. Until Facebook recognizes that the problem is their POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, not any individual pages, we will keep posting fresh examples that are still live each day. Again, many of these have already been reported and allowed by Facebook moderation. They may come down now when we SHAME Facebook with them, but that doesn’t solve the problem. ONLY NEW FACEBOOK POLICIES AND PROCEDURES DESIGNED TO BAN GENDER-BASED HATE SPEECH will solve this problem. 

New Examples live as of Monday, May 27 at 9:18 am Eastern: