The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy is a beautiful, but confusing time for a lot of mothers-to-be. We understand the overwhelming process of preparing for a newborn, and we’re here to make things easier. We offer expectant moms the ultimate list of pregnancy essentials!

Prenatal vitamins

It’s vital for both the baby and the mother to be provided with proper nutrients. It is best to visit the doctor in order to ensure that the right supplements are taken in different stages of pregnancy.


Ginger is great for dealing with morning sickness in the first trimester because it provides a natural way to fight nausea. Moms can add some ginger to their food, drinks, or even buy ginger candies in order to avoid feeling under the weather the whole day.

Stretch mark creams

Another pregnancy necessity is a product for preventing stretch marks. Regular moisturizing will help with avoiding permanent marks on the body.

Good face care products

Due to the unbalanced hormones during pregnancy, skin can become overly oily or too dry. That is why it is important to add high-quality products to the face care routine.

Furthermore, mothers-to-be should be mindful of the products’ ingredients. It is best to stay away from potentially harmful components and opt for natural, organic creams instead.

Comfortable clothing and underwear

Being comfortable at all times is crucial during pregnancy. So, it’s important to choose the right clothes for this period. The second trimester is the best time to start shopping for maternity wear.

Buying a pair of pregnancy jeans is a great investment. They can be worn on almost any occasion, and they go well with every piece of clothing.

Another important clothing essential is a maternity belt. It provides much-needed support for a stomach and reduces the strain from the back.

A good maternity bra is another must-have. Breasts become bigger as the pregnancy evolves, and especially during breastfeeding, so it’s important to find a comfortable maternity bra.

Flat shoes

Those who are not fans of flat shoes won’t like the fact that this blissful period of their lives will deprive them of heels. Weight gain and swelling will make wearing pumps an impossible task. So, flats will become the best friend of every mother-to-be.

A pregnancy pillow

As the stomach grows, so does the trouble with sleeping. Full body pregnancy pillows support women’s tummy, back, neck and hips, and they provide comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

A sleeping mask

Undisturbed sleep is extremely valuable during pregnancy. The mind is more sensitive to light, so it’s useful to purchase a sleeping mask in order to get uninterrupted rest.

A gentle toothbrush

Swollen and bleeding gums are frequent during pregnancy. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a soft toothbrush from the first trimester.

Massage tools

Massages are a great way to increase blood circulation. So, having a good massage cream is a must. Massage lotions and oils will also provide nourishment for the skin.

Another useful tool for massages is a tennis ball. The ball just needs to be rolled over the lower back with a little pressure, and it will do wonders for relieving stress from the body.

Massages can be done with a tool as simple as a bottle of hot water. The second half of the pregnancy will bring most mothers-to-be sore feet and backache. So, hot water will help numb the pain.

Useful books

Doing research about pregnancy and taking care of a baby will give an expectant mother necessary knowledge about this period in life. There are a lot of magazines and books such as “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” that are beneficial for both preparing and taking care of a newborn.

We know the joy, excitement, and fear that come with pregnancy, and we have your back. Hopefully, this list makes this process easier for you and helps you to better prepare for the baby’s arrival.

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