What We Do

WAM! is an independent North American nonprofit dedicated to building a robust, effective, inclusive movement for gender justice in media. We hope you’ll join us!



Our volunteer-run local chapters run year-round activities to connect you with other local media-makers and activists concerned with gender justice in media.  Chapters help you network, organize, build coalitions and share skills. Most events are free or low-cost to attend – and includine happy hours, public mentoring talks, strategy and skill-building workshops, film festivals, conferences, organizing meetings, direct actions, book clubs, parties, and more. Click here to find one near you, and here to start one of your own!


The WAM! Community Action Network (WAM!CAN) is a grassroots direct-action network dedicated to creating gender justice in media at all levels, including ownership, employment, representation and access. It’s a network of people who share your concern about the state of our media, coming together to take action to create the media ecosystem we deserve. Once a month, we put out the WAM! signal and we all take one single, targeted action together. The rest of the time, WAM!CAN helps you talk issues and strategy with others who share your concerns, and promote actions of your own and others that promote gender justice in media.

We hope you’ll join us! Together we’re becoming a force that media owners, producers, participants and policy-makers can’t ignore.


WAM!mers keep the conversation going all year long on our active and provocative listserv for people who who are committed to working toward gender justice in media, including media professionals, activists, academics, and more. (We happily acknowledge that there are nearly infinite ways to demonstrate that commitment!) This is a moderated list where members discuss their work, talk activist and professional strategy, debate the issues of the day, share skills and information and offer support to each other.

Want to get in on the conversation? Click here to request the application to join.

WAM! It Yourself

WAM! It Yourself is a do-it-yourself, decentralized version of the annual Women, Action & the Media (WAM!) conference. Instead of asking everyone who cares about gender justice in media to gather together in one place for WAM!, WAM! It Yourself asks asked you to help make WAM! happen exactly where you are. And you’ve done exactly that for three years running now, producing panels and workshops, happy hours and potlucks, radio shows and film festivals online and in cities including Vancouver, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, San Antonio, NYC, Nairobi and beyond. Through all of these events, WAM! is supporting and forging connections between media makers, activists and academics in an effort to enhance women’s media participation, ownership and representation.


Every year from its inception in 2004 through 2009, the WAM!Conference brought together hundreds of leading thinkers, journalists and activists with a stake in achieving gender justice in media. The last conference, in 2009, convened 600 attendees from 29 states and 9 countries – and their reach was even greater than that. They came from television, film, radio, print and new media, universities, arts and entertainment, and social justice organizations.

WAM!Conference is a space where we can all come together from around the world, away from the distractions of the 9-5; a space with powerful discussions, world-class experts, and collaborations on innovative initiatives. The conference has valuable benefits for attendees extending far beyond its boundaries. Connections made there grow into ongoing relationships and collaborations, which we foster and support through our other WAM! strategies. WAM!mers reported that as a direct result of attending a WAM! conference and participating in the listserv over 20% were published, 10% found a job and more than 60% learned new ways to think about things. According to one attendee “WAM not only gives young women a chance to work and strategize with each other and seasoned media professionals—the conference also provides a much-needed support network for women in the media.”

We’re working to bring the WAM!Conference back soon — so watch this space, and sign up for our email list (in the top right of this site), to get all the WAM!Conference news as it develops.